The perils of sewing when essays are due…

Procrastination is all well and good, but it’s even worse when your mind can ‘justify’ it by claiming it adds to a skillbase. Such is the relationship between me and my sewing right now. While I should be writing a 2,750 word essay on Anglophone Welsh literature, I find myself wistfully dusting off my beloved sewing machine, searching longingly for dress patterns for a possible Summer Ball dress… this is not the way to boost essay productivity!

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It didn’t help when Gertie of Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing posted about this fantastic pattern available from McCall’s. She remarked on its similarities to a dress she’d drafted herself – it just so happens that I’ve lusted after that dress of hers for quite some time! When I made my dress for last year’s Summer Ball, I spent an absolute age trawling through vintage patterns after having been bitten by the vintage sewing bug. My interest in vintage sewing is pretty much down to Gertie, whose insightful blog is full of vintage sewing tips, wonderful creations and thought-provoking posts about key issues relating to sewing, fashion and the wider world. Definitely worth a read.

I feel a future project coming on… after I’m done with this essay that is.


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