Better Late than Never…

I was very much mistaken when I thought I’d have a lot of time on my hands after exam season was done and dusted. The initial plan was to sew the lovely Mccall’s pattern mentioned in my last post in time for Swansea University’s Summer Ball. Alas, it wasn’t to be. In fact, I wasn’t able to make anything at all. Shamefully, I ended up wearing something store-bought to the Ball; a far cry from last year’s achievement of completing my vintage style dress in time to watch Florence and the Machine rock Singleton Abbey.

Yay feet!

That doesn’t mean I’ve given up completely on my Mccall’s 6350 project. I’ve set myself a new deadline: namely, to get this dress done and dusted in time for the graduation ball later this month. Initially, I was feeling dubious about actually finishing the dress on time, my track record with sewing has hardly been great recently! But with only 6 pattern pieces, if I manage to get past the bodice without a hitch, then I’m sure I’ll hit the deadline just fine.

The fabric is ordered and the pattern pieces all ready to be cut out and sewn together. I’m taking the slightly risky no-muslin path, considering this is a strapless dress which requires a close fit on the bust. Time is of the essence people!

Lush pots = lovely smelling products AND excellent pattern weights

While I’m waiting for my fabric to be delivered, I’ve begun work on a version of Vivat Veritas’ scalloped waist circle skirt, featured as a part of Grosgrain’s wonderful month of free patterns. It may well form part of my actual graduation outfit if it turns out well! Either way, it’ll prove to be excellent practice for the circle skirt on the Grad Ball dress. If past experience is anything to go by, I expect much in the way of swearing, finger pricking and wonky hemming along the way…


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