“Yep, I made it myself!” – Guest Post over at Fashion by Mimi

Mia Holt is a lovely young lady I met while she was working as Christmas temp at Lush Cardiff. This girl not only had some major skills with the hatboxes but also a shared passion for all things journalism. She’s pretty much proof of what an undergraduate making routes into journalism should be doing, using her Summer to pursue various work placements local and further afield. (A younger me should certainly take note!)

When she called for some guest posters on her blog Fashion by Mimi, I was more than happy to step up to the mark – I haven’t really had a chance to rant about sewing for a while, so it came surprisingly easy when I got down to it! Check it out here! If you have any interest in fashion at all, then her blog is well worth a read; she has a clear passion for what she writes about, and is always searching for ways to take her grassroots blog to the next level. So pop on over, and make sure you say hi! After all, we bloggers love a comment or two.

As for the sewing – it’s coming along! Currently in the midst of drafting my own pencil skirt pattern, details of which I will unveil shortly…


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