Photo by Martha Moreno

Can’t Say Strawberry is a sewing blog with a sprinkling of German culture; it all began as a way for me to document my year abroad as a language assistant in Germany. Working a mere 12 hours a week left a lot of time for travelling, writing and slowly discovering my love of sewing.

Almost a year on, as a final year English Literature and German student, I find myself trying to juggle my University work, my blogging and just about everything else in my life, leaving very little time for sewing. This will not do at all! Join me as I try to squeeze sewing back into my jam-packed life, even if it’s just an hour a week.

As for the name of the blog – it’s all explained in an awfully long-winded way in this post, but to sum it up:

I still can’t bloody say Erdbeere – or strawberry to us English native speakers. See the problem becomes apparent every time I order a crepe from the crepe stand at Dortmund Hauptbahnhof – ‘einmal Crepe mit Erdbeere bitte’ I say, but try as I might, I can never escape the look of confusion and the ‘bitte?’ or ‘mit was?’ that follows. People have suggested that maybe I go for the easier to pronounce Nutella Crepe, but NO, I want my Erdbeere Crepe bitte!!

You can follow me on Twitter or check out my profile on BurdaStyle! Got any questions or comments? I love email! Feel free to email : me at elenacresci dot co dot uk


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